Looking for a wool soaker pattern

Just looking for a wool soaker pattern…actually more of a wrap, with buttons or velcro on the side, for my preemies sets.

Any ideas? Free would be great!

Have you looked at Knitting Pattern Central? You can search for soaker and get a few patterns. Typing in “soaker pattern” in Google brings up a bunch as well.

Thanks for you suggestion Jan, but all the ones i get results for are the ones that have the leg holes, and I am thinking that it isnt really practical for preemies that are still in the incubator…a little difficult to get on, hence the wanting buttons or something on the side so that it would fit just like a diaper.



www.littleturtleknits.com Look under patterns then “diapering ones” There is a pattern called the Ribby wrap. I just finished one and they go quickly. Good luck

Thank you misstialouise, that is perfect!

:doh: Sorry about that. I guess I had no idea what you meant. Glad someone else knew.

No worries, Jan. I wasnt very clear when i posted either.