Looking for a Voyageur Cap (Toque) pattern

I have the ramdomest desire to make one of those floppy hats that hte Canadian voyageurs wore.
I have found one pattern that will keep me going for a bit
www.charitable crafters.org/voyageur_cap.htm

But i was researching the things and according to
http://www.clearwaterhats.com/copy_of_www_clearwaterhats_com/furtradetwo.htm the things were actually double thickness.
Does anyone know of any patterns for this style of cap? I don’t mind if they are in french.

couldn’t you just take a regular roll brimmed hat and just make it longer and add a tassle.

like i made this one http://chrisknits.blog-city.com/striped_checkerboard_hat.htm and added the tassle to it. if you made it longer with the tassle you would get the flop over i would think.

here is how mine turned out. i think that if i made the body of it longer it would look like that hat.

oooooh i just looked at the first link and ya know that one has a ribbed band so how about one of those long stocking caps with the tassle? you could make it shorter then and have it look more like that one! i am working on one from the Holiday Knits book but i know there is a pattern on www.KnittingPatternCentral.com i just can’t remember which one it is. (yeah i am a lot of help!)

Perhaps like this?


You’d have to adjust the decreases and/or gauge and make a tassle instead of a pompom for the following maybe:



And I don’t think it would be hard to adjust it to be double knit. You’d just do a double knit cast on, and knit away like you normally would with double kniting, I assume.

Wow that pink and green hat is gorgeous! I adore it!

so much more imaginative that what I’ve been doing!

That Clearwater website has some really interesting information.
The Chapeau Bras. And they stored stuff in the tip of the Voyageur hat, how cool. Think I’ll do a little research due to seeing this site… I was watching Persuasion last night (I think Ciaran Hinds carried a Chapeau Bras come to think of it) and decided I want to make a top like the Victorian women wore… thanks for reminding me.