Looking for a Tam or Beret pattern

I have the ‘Rainy Day Scarf’ pattern. I would like to find a Tam or Beret hat pattern that would go with it. I am not any good at trying my wings on my own. I need a pattern. Could anyone help out?
I am knitting a little at a time now, so I won’t need the pattern for a while yet.

Did you try Ravelry? There’s dozens of patterns for berets/tams on there.

I don’t see any with that pattern, but if you do a simple one in the same color it would look beautiful.

Thanks Jan, I have been looking on the net some today. I didn’t look in Ravelry. I will though. I wish I could do the same pattern as the Rainy Day Scarf. I wouldn’t know how to inc. & dec. I would just make a mess of it.
I see they have a lot of those patterns on Ravelry. I surely can find something that will work.