Looking for a substitute yarn equvilent for Crystal Palace KIDDO

I have a scarf pattern called [B]Mother Daughter Scarf [/B]I got it free online… it calls for [B]KIDDO[/B] a Crystal Palace Yarn…which I cannot seem to find… any good substitutes? The yarn needs to be lofty and soft… for the scarf to work…

The scarf is done by knitting the length not width…on number 10 needles…on circular needles… so very easy… I did it in a couple of hours… but the yarn I used makes it look like a shrunken thing… not nearly as big as it ought to be…(and since it is for a man a big man…) well I need help!
Please share any ideas I will be extremely grateful…
I need Black and Gold -Pittsburgh Steelers colors
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Did you use a worsted weight or was it thinner? You probably need a bulkyish weight yarn, something like Woolease Thick and Quick, or Bernat softee chunkee. Though I happen to think bulky done on a size 10 makes the sts too dense.

both www.yarnmarket.com and www.k2togonline.com
can supply Kiddo

Are you sure you want to use that yarn? It looks like of effeminate to me and from the colors, it looks like it’s intended for girls and babies. It is bulky, though, 3 sts per inch, so maybe something less frilly in that gauge would work better?

If it’s too short you could just cast on more stitches.

Kiddo is an eyelash type yarn, though more fluffy & softer-ish.
This might be a good substitute:

though I, too, wonder if it’s manly.
maybe a chenille or suede type yarn, knit loosly, would work for softness

Hobby Lobby carries some similar yarns in their “Yarn Bee” line.
Cameo is one.