Looking for a Stretchy Cast on for Socks

I’m knitting baby socks and I need a stretchy cast on for toe down socks on 2 circulars. I used the long tail cast on but I don’t think its stretchy enough.

I’ve run into that problem with the long-tail cast-on if I cast on too tightly; loosen it a little and it should be fine. You can also check out Amy’s videos of different types of cast-ons to see if one seems more suited to your needs.


German twisted long tail cast on

Try this, I used it for my mitts and really liked it because I hate anything tight on my wrist.

I’m a fan of the twisted German cast on as well.


twisted (aka norwegian or german twisted) is stretchier.

so i a tubular,

so is a channel island cast on.

there are many cast on’s, (i know 30 some odd cast on’s depending on how you count!)

here is the start to a 4 part tutorial about cast ons, each page links to the next, (page 5 is about cast off’s)

page 4 is a collection of links and reference books for learning cast on’s.