Looking for a specific knitted dishcloth pattern

I’m in search of the written pattern for this knitted dishcloth.It was a free pattern from a knitting group such as Monthly KALs, etc.n_a Thanks so much for your help.

What are those designs? It would be easier to search if I could clarify.

Those would be 4 ribbons as in the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons.
Thanks so much for trying to help me locate this pattern. I have been searching for months!!

Oh I see. The color through me off. Breast cancer awareness is usually pink. Although I found several ribbon dish cloths none of them were like that. Could that one have been a personal pattern and therefore not a public pattern?

I thought it came from one of the knitting groups I used to belong to but I can’t swear to that. Usually if its personal it also it’s a paid one and I don’t remember ever paying for a pattern. The reason I made it yellow instead of pink is that there is a local group called the Yellow Ribbon Girls----3 sisters who formed a group to collect and send items to the troops overseas.It has grown into a huge organization receiving items for the troops from all over the US.Anyway, I want to make washcloths for them to sell. Maybe some one could figure out a pattern from looking at it ???

Just fyi those are holes or spaces in the ribbon not a different color of yarn.

upon looking real close there is also a purl heart right in the middle! Cool!

This is the only one I’ve seen. You’d have to make up the placement and the heart.

Since it was a little circuitous to get to the pattern, here’s the page. Look a bit past half-way.

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Oh, how wonderful!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:Thank you thank you thank you! I just MIGHT be able to work up some kind of pattern…unless someone with more talent than I would want to try it. Hint, hint.

I just found it the the Yahoo Group Monthly Dishcloths. It was designed by Sue Schaeffer for Harvest Moon Designs. Thank you again for all you help!!I love you alln_a