Looking for a specific hat pattern

Hello all- Brand new to your forum- but I am hoping someone here might be able to help me.

At my children’s school they have a hat and mitten tree- collecting donations for the Holidays- when I was visiting the school the other day I saw a knitted hat that I really would love to make- however I do not jnow who made and can’t seem to find a pattern for it.

The hat used two strands of yarn- 1 white the other a color such as blue- It looked like it was done in a knit 1 purl one ribbing- the kicker is that it looks like when they reached about 4 inches they flipped the ribbing under creating a double layer band- then continued knitting up the rest of the hat in the same pattern. :??

I’m a self taught knitter- beginning knitter- but it did look like something I could handle.

Can any one help??? Thanks!!!

I don’t know that pattern, but couldn’t you just knit a wider edge or ribbing and do that?

I bet the hat was made with a Knifty Knitter Loom. They are super easy to do.


After looking at the link- I bet that’s it- As I Said I’m self taught so I’m a lttle hesitant on how to try it on my own.

I have for the first time this weekend bagun a hat knitting in the round on circular needles- :happydance: Not doing too bad I was skeptical about how to make the continuation around but it looks like I might have it ok-

So- if I wanted to make the ribbing wider and turn it up is this how I should do it -Fold up to where I want to have the rim and pick up the stitches from the cast on the new round-then just continue up the rest of my pattern :?? :?? :??

Thanks for helping out.


If you want a fold up brim just knit longer in the ribbing. When it’s as wide as you want you just start knitting every round. You don’t need to pick up stitches or anything unless you are doing something special that requires it. :heart:

It sounds like she wants the ribbing double-thick but hemmed rather than just folded up. Is that right? It’s possible, but Jan’s suggestion is easier and makes the fit of the hat a bit more flexible because the fold can be adjusted to the wearer’s preference.

If you want to do it the other way, I think your idea would work, although I might add a purl ridge to make the fold line at the bottom a bit neater.

Jane-Yes, what I was trying to do was to the ribbing double-thick but hemmed rather than just folded up. There is no “special” reason other than that is the way the hat I was looking at was made. I thought it looked nice.

JAN-I’m pretty sure that My idea will work-the purl ridge you suggested- Would I make that halfway up my ribbing so when I turned it under to hem it would look better :shrug:

Thanks soooo much for the advice!

You’re welcome! Please share a photo when you’re done if you can! :cheering:

That was my suggestion, actually. :blush: I think you got us a little mixed up, which is easy to do since our names are so similar. But yes, you’d make the ridge where you want the fold. And I thought of something else… if you use a provisional cast on, you won’t need to pick up stitches when you join the hem – you can just work the last row of ribbing with the live stitches, and then keep knitting onward and upward! :thumbsup:

I thought of another possitibility – you could use double knitting for the ribbing and then do k2tog’s to get back to normal afterward.

Clever idea! Double knitting looks hard, but you could learn a new skill!