Looking for a spacific pattern

hi all

i got a free pattern ina magazine that i am in love with for ds, but its to small. i cant find it anywhere online to say help and dont want to copy it because of copyright laws.

its paterns seasuide sweater, it goes upto size 6 years, i need it 7/8 years. if anyone knows this pattern by any chance and can help me make it larger id be sooo greatful

thankyou again

A simple way to increase the size is to use thicker yarn and larger needles. It’ll be bigger and you just follow the pattern as written.

i tried it with larger needles and it still didnt look large enough. i dont have the yarn weight to say its right or wrong to (strangley enough it wasnt written on the pattern).

i tried it in 90% wool 10% aran i think its worst weight.

i will have another go at doubling the yarn up and see if that makes a difference.

thank you yet again ingrid

If you have worsted weight and you double it that will make bulky yarn and you need much larger needles, like size 11.

that’ll ruin the look of the jumper i think. ah well, he’ll just have to shirk i think lol.yhe’s 5 and the pattern is for upto a 6 year old, but he’s a big lad for his age and i tend to knit smaller ratherthan larger

think i will have to look at a new pattern

thank you though, i would have knitted it and hated it at the end

Dumb question, but couldn’t you figure out the number of stitches the pattern works with and adjust upward from there? Most patterns that have directions for multiple sizes have the different number of stitches needed for the different sizes in parentheses, so while it may take some time, I would think you could do the same with this one.

Obviously, being a beginner I’ve never done this, but it seems like there ought to be some way to figure out what the multiple would be, add what’s necessary to make it larger, and adjust the number of stitches increased/decreased, etc. to match the original number cast on.

Just a wild thought…

Yes, you could take the difference of the st numbers between sizes, say it’s 8 sts, then add on 2 or 3 `sizes’ following the numbers. And/ or you could use the worsted weight, but on size 10 needles instead of 8s. That would increase the size for you too.