Looking for a sock pattern


I’m a newcomer to knitting but am completely hooked at the moment. :happydance:

I’ve got some balls of Sirdar Snowflake Chunky Magic (which I believe is self-striping?) and I think it would make great socks. However I’ve never made socks before or use this sort of yarn.

I’ve had a bit of a look but can’t find any specific sock patterns for this yarn? Does anyone know of any patterns which might be suitable?


Take a look at Silver’s Sock Class – she has instructions for several different weights of yarn. It’s also written especially for people who have never made socks before. :smiley:

Thank you - it looks a useful site!

I purchased an Ann Norling Pattern for $3 and have never regretted it (here it is: http://www.paradisefibers.com/patterns/norling.asp#12 when you scroll down)—the pattern has three different weights of yarn and directions that are simple to follow…you just have to put the correct numbers in the blank…
why do I love this pattern…I can copy the basic pattern (one page only)–I’m not selling it just making it useful for me, fill in the numbers for my weight yarn and slip it into a gallon zip lock bag with the yarn and neddles (I always have three projects going at once so I won’t get bored) and then carry it with me in my knitting tote while my basic pattern stays in tack for my next sock attempt.

I have found easy, cute sock patterns on the web…but this is the basic that I go back to.

Thank you both for the suggestions. I’m wanting to try socks after this current sweater.

I bought sock yarn – I’m addicted now. :teehee:

I have begun the heel portion of my very first sock. Go me! But I do have a question. I’m using Silver’s sock instructions and they are very good, nice and clear. But what in the world, on the heel part, is the purpose of Slip 1 Knit 1 across, and then on the return row Slip 1, purl across. Repeat Rows 1 and 2. What purpose is the slipped stitch? :??


i think it makes a nicer edge for picking up the stitches for the gusset :shrug: but i just made my first pair, so i could be wrong

I have finished the first sock. I call it my little mutant sock baby, because the poor thing is not quite right. I’m pretty sure I know where I messed up, and in the second sock I will correct, then compare the two. If it all turns out like I think, then I’ll unravel my mutant from the toe to the affected area, and redo.

Actually, the sock does fit my foot, and I can wear it with the shoes I had in mind, but it’s kinda funky looking! :rofl:

Thats the part of the sock that wears the most. The ridges that are formed when you do this prolongs the life of the sock.

I had a sneaking suspicion of that, Jeremy, but it’s nice to hear it. Thank you! :heart:

So I was right – my very first little mutant sock’s problem is because I misunderstood how to count the rows on the heel. What I thought was one row was actually two, so I have double the amount of heel rows I should have and it looks kinda funky. The mutant sock’s mate (MSM), which I started night before last, has proven that point.

When MSM is done, I’ll unravel MS back up to the error and fix it. Wonder if it will have an identity crisis when I can no longer call it a MS? Guess I’ll have to call it a FMS: Former Mutant Sock. :roflhard:

Vickyh: have you found a sock pattern you like yet? I’m sorry that I hijacked your thread with my sock adventures. I’d like to hear about yours!!! :happydance:

I like www.wiseneedle.com 's sock pattern.