Looking for a sock pattern that goes well w/dark variegated yarn

I’m dying to use my Patons Kroy Socks in Winter. I started the Froot Loop socks from Knitty but the pattern was completely lost. Now I’m considering Vinnland from The Anticraft. Do you think that will show? What have you done with a dark variegated yarn that you loved? Here is a pic of the yarn I would like to use:

IMO dark colors don’t show fancy patterns all that well. Is it self striping? If it is then you could do a pattern like a chevron and you’d see the stripes moving up and down which would be very cool.

I looked on Ravelry and since you’re on there I’ll link to some patterns there that would look neat in a self striping yarn.


If it’s not self striping maybe a ribbed sock. :shrug:

Thanks. It’s not a self-striping, though. the colors changes every 1-1/2 to 2" or so and I was hoping to use this yarn in one of the Ravelry group challenges. This month’s challenge is to use a pattern from an online knitting magazine or do a beaded sock. Since I’m SO not ready to do anything beaded, I thought I’d stick w/the easier route. :wink:

ETA: LOVING the jaywalker socks. Those are gonna have to be my next project.

:thumbsup: That yarn would be pretty even with the shorter color runs in that pattern.

Thanks a ton! :slight_smile: