Looking for a sleazy-eazy - fingerless mitt pattern

Which ones are your favorites? Links or book names appreciated!!!

I have two niecies who want them, and two boys and one girlfriend, if I can find a quicky easy one, could maybe whip it out before Christmas…

Well, here’s one that should work! I plan on kniting them myself.

Fingerless Gloves

Kitkat! I’m so pleased with myself… I just completed a fingerless mit5 in … well I started it on the way home yesterday, a 3 hour drive and I took it off the needles this morning. All in all about 4 hours work or less!

And they are SO SIMPLE and really cool but the thing is they are in a book so you’d have to buy the book or (sssshhhhh, go look at the pattern). It’s in Weekend Knitting and the reason they are so neat is they are just completely garter stitch with a thumb hole and the garter stitch creates these ridges that run vertically down your hand. Well, the picture says it all. I wish I had my digital camera I could show you. Try and look at the picture, they are really nice and quick and easy.

Actually Weekend Knitting was on my list of books I wanted to buy - but in the meantime I may play with that other pattern too. The voodoo one from knitty just looks a little more complicated than I want for teenagers, ya know?

I vouch for the ones on OMS, I did them (well technically one… haven’t done the other yet). :slight_smile:

ohhhhhh how long did it take???

I did two pairs from ohmystars. The first one took me about two and a half hours, but that might have been because I sewed it up with a paper clip. :rollseyes: They’re reeeeally quick and cute!

Oh that would be perfect for these girls!!! And maybe even could do some macho ones for the guys!!!

(running to check my stash right now!)

Yay! You’ll have to let us know how they turn out. :smiley:

THis is the pattern that I use for fingerless gloves…customizeable :thumbsup:


This one looks interesting too.

I’m using Creative Knitting :Nov 2004 issue.