Looking for a skirt pattern, i am petite at 5'2"

I am seeking a skirt pattern, not a mini skirt. Something simple and comfortable, perhaps a little above the knee. Something that does not hug the body and flares out a bit. Would prefer it to be knit in spring-summer-fall weight yarn.

I’ve been doing some searches on the internet and it is very overwhelming. I did find this one
http://www.louet.com/gs_skirt.pdf (graphic picture http://www.louet.com/images/edi_skirt.jpg) but am not sure what “cable cast on” means

Anyway, if someone could explain ‘cable cast on’ and also let me know if they have found other beginner skirt patterns, i would appreciate it… I also don’t know how to crochet and this pattern calls for sewing seams crochet style as well as crocheting a drawstring…

thanks in advance,

There’s a video for cable cast on in the basic tachniques section of this site :slight_smile:

Well if you don’t want to learn how to single crochet {for the seams} and chain {for the drawstrings}, you can seam up the project using the mattress seam. The profile of the seam would be similar. You could make a twisted cord or a thin i-cord for the drawstring.