Looking for a similar pattern of this

I finally made something, didn’t mess it up AND love love love it! What a first!

The original pattern is here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/asymmetrical-wrist-deco

I love the sort of ruched look. I’ve been searching and searching for (hopefully free) patterns that have a similar look. OR if nothing exists, any thoughts on how to elongate them?


Oh, those do look like fun to make. Because of the way these wristlets fold, both the length and the width contribute to the diameter. See if you can fold a piece of paper around your arm on the diagonal in a shape that works and then use the paper as a pattern. You might play around with increasing both cast on and rows to see if you can get something that works.

Makes sense! I think I will have to make some more longer ones and see how they look! I just love the curves and folds so much!