Looking for a similar pattern for this jacket wrap

Hello. This pattern and yarn order would be super expensive from the company where I saw this pattern. Does anyone know of a pattern similar where the sweater/jacket wraps with the collar that folds down? Was thinking Merino wool too. Thank you!

You can use any yarn of similar weight, it can be something much less expensive. Knitpicks may have a similalr merino wool. Is the pattern available to download for a reasonable price?

It’s $20.00. Seems high to me.

It does. Try a search on Ravelry (free to join). They seem to have pages of shawl collar sweaters including this one which is similar to the one you posted.

Yeah, that’s expensive. Ravelry is a great site to search, just keep in mind it’s an index of patterns and some may only be available in a magazine or book. In that case you can check if you can get it through your library.

Ravelry does require you to sign up, but it’s free to join. You input the type of garment you want in the pattern search box and it should come up. They do have filters on the left side that would narrow your search. You can input the size needles you want and the yarn, size for child or adult, free or pay patterns, etc. It saves a lot of time. Ravelry is the first place I go when I’m looking for a pattern similar to a more expensive one. But then I’m cheap. One thing I hate is having to buy a whole book or magazine for just one pattern I like.