Looking for a similar (free) pattern to this one

I know that I have seen many other sweater patterns similar to this one:

I am especially interested in free patterns. I vaguely recall seeing a free pattern that was similar to this one, but I cannot recall where I saw it. If anyone has a link to similar sweater patterns - especially free ones, I would really appreciate it. I am interested in patterns that are as seamless as possible. I know that with a sweater like this it might not be possible to be completely seamless, but if the sleeves were in the round that would be great.

Thanks to those who respond with patterns or constructive ideas about how I can make my own version of this sweater.

Is it the sideways knitting of it you want? The deep V-neck? guage? form-fitting/negative ease? all of the above?

Here are some sidways cardigans:


Thanks so much for those patterns. I am actually looking for all of the above. I like the fitted nature of the pattern and also the fact that it was form-fitting. I really thought that I have seen something similar for free but I do not know where. I had not seen the yarnmarket sweater, thanks for including that link.

Bump. I know I’ve seen this pattern somewhere.