Looking for a shawl pattern...like wings

My mother has been recently diagnosed with cancer, and I was wanting to knit a shawl for her to have with her during her chemo treatments.

I have seen several patterns online for “comfort shawls” and other similar styles, but nothing that really that touches me for my mama.

She is quite religious, and loves doves as a symbol, so I thought that shawl that incorporated doves or wings would be nice. I am planning to knit this in acrylic so it will be easy-care for her.

So, any suggestions? TIA!


prayers for your mom and your family. have you checked out good ole’ kpc…knitting pattern central? they have a lot of shawl patterns. Good luck, Tillie

This doesn’t have doves, but it called Angel Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark.

This isn’t exactly a pattern, but it might provide some inspiration:

The Yarn Harlot made a shawl for a friend and she was trying to imitate wings. If I remember right she was thinking of eagles and not doves, but reading about what she did might give you some ideas for altering a pattern slightly so that it is perfect for your mom. Here is her post about it.

Thank you all for your kind suggestions…I am continuing to peruse the knitting pattern central site, and this post was thought-provoking. Phaedra, I’ll have to investigate that link for the pattern a little more closely, as I might have to modify the bind off, as I really don’t imagine that an acrylic would block into those points as another yarn, but I’ll be looking more closely…thank you!


Tik, I will keep your mama in my thoughts and prayers!! God bless you both!

Tik, I’m [I][U]so[/U][/I] [I][U]sorry[/U][/I] to hear about your mom. :hug: :muah: I hope she recovers quickly and is feeling better fast.

I didn’t find actual patterns, but I did find this link to the pattern “One Skein Seasilk Shawl” (scroll down a bit) which is subtitled “Knitted Wings”, and also, I found this blog which shows knitted wings.

I myself knitted this shawl, and ironically enough, when I finished it, it reminded me of wings. If my picture shows up (and please forgive my “artwork”…an artist, I am not!:oops:), it might help to get a better idea of the shape of the finished product. I used 100% acrylic (easy care! :thumbsup:) for this shawl and it knitted up beautifully, and didn’t need any blocking.

I am sure whatever you knit for your mom, she will love it, will treasure it, and will appreciate it! :heart:

Thank you all for your helpful, kind words. This has been a difficult time, but the support of family and friends is invaluable…so thank you!

cookworm, I really like the pattern that you designed, and I think that it should knit up quickly, it appears. Thank you for the suggestion. I am continuing my search for an afghan/shawl for her, but I think this may be a good start, as I only have a week or two to get this one made…so thank you for sharing.



I’m saying prayers for you and your mom!

Thanks to the helpful comments and suggestions received here, I have cast-on the first stitches of the comfort shawl for my mama. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.


[B]Hello everyone… I’m coming out of lurkdom.
Tik you and your loved ones are in my prayers!! I pray for God’s will to be done!!
I do alot of charity knitting and I’ve been making shrugs for the chemo patients, it is only sewn at the cuffs. All one piece… I use caron simply soft for these items, 2 skeins, size 8 and 11 needles. It can be left on while they recieve their treatments and don’t have to worry about it falling off…
It was just an idea…


I’m so sorry about your mother. There is a beautiful shawl pattern by Lucy Neatby that looks like angel wings that might be what you are looking for:


Here is a site that has LOTS of shawls,just scroll down

My thoughts are with you also.


I take chemo for cancer cells running around in my body and it is not one of the top 10 experiences I would have chosen. However, it can be wonderful also; the things one learns, the friends (especially women) who love and nurture, the incredibility strong women your Mom will meet. I am often awed by these women.

Now, I am a member of the Prayer Shawl Ministry which you can google and there are patterns for prayer shawls listed. You can also find a Prayer Shawl Ministry in your area and request one from that group. Check it out.

Love, prayers and best wishes to your Mom. Attitude is the key.



Thoughts and prayers are with your mom. As the daughter of a 2-time cancer survivor, I can empathize. On the knitting front, I recommend checking out the Knit Picks website. They have great yarns for lacy shawls in many different patterns, many traditional. Very best wishes.

Just another pattern to mention - tiger swallowtail shawl