Looking for a scary film

A friend of my mum’s remembers a short film from the mid-70’s that she wants to see again.

It was about a couple who had a car accident on a mountain. They were picked up by a man with a tractor, who took them to his farm to recover from the accident. When the gentleman got better, he started to help out at the farm, but was always told not to go near this wall. Eventually the couple found they were being locked into the bedrooms, and when they tried to escape they were tied up. When they finally escaped they headed for the wall and behind it was a field with heads planted like vegetables, shouting “Help me, run!” etc.

This scared the h*ll out of my friend, and sent her running away from her date to get back home. Does anyone remember this film, what it was called etc?

hmm-- even asked my husband and he doesn’t recognize it. Said “thanks for blowing the ending though!” :slight_smile: haha! I copied your post to him to read and left that part in…oops!

Could it be ‘Motel Hell’ with Rory Calhoun as the farmer?

oh that has to be it!
I have to watch it now!

quite possibly is, thanks Nobones! I shall see if she can remember it or maybe find it on youtube.com … for years she’d been told she’d dreamt it up or something!