Looking for a ribbed sweater pattern


I absolutely love this ribbed sweater


but am put off by the amount of needles I would have to buy to knit it!

Would anyone have a link to a fairly snug-fitting ribbed sweater? Please don’t google (I’ve had a rummage myself, nothing so far) as I don’t want to use up people’s time. I thought someone may have a pattern in mind/to hand that would fit the bill.

Many thanks and happy knitting!

PS There is another equally gorgeous version of the sweater here if anyone wants to try either one!

I think you could get away with just the 24" circ. and maybe one other spare needle just to knit the sleeves onto the body. Make the sleeves first using the Magic Loop Technique and place them on a holder or extra needle (if you don’t have another size 8 circ, maybe you have one that’s close like a 7 or a 9 you could use just to hold the sleeves and knit them onto the body when you are ready.) Then make the body using the 24" circ. and add the sleeves to the pattern from the holder or extra needle.

Thanks! It sounds complicated even though the pattern swears it’s simple! They are beautiful sweaters though…

It just occured to me that I could use a basic sweater pattern and just rib!

You could do that. A 29 or 32" needle would be a good size to use too. And there’s a Tempting II KAL that could give you some tips as you go along.

Thanks for the tip, the knitalongs are a great idea. I hadn’t seen them before.
I’ve feeling a bit daunted by this project, I think I need to hunt down a simple pattern to get started!
Thanks again!

Didn’t know if you had the Fall 2009 Vogue Knitting issue but it has some great sweater patterns in there - I believe a couple had ribbing.