Looking for a quick and easy baby shower gift

Hello. I am going to a baby shower on Nov. 13. The shower is for two women that I work with. Since I’ve just learned to knit I thought I would make them something. However, I’m just not sure if I have the time. Is there anything I can make very quickly and easily? I’ll have to make two…and I work full-time. I’m just not sure anything can be done in that amount of time. :thinking: I wish I had more notice.

OOO OOO, I got an idea!!!
I just made a pair of little knit mitties for my tiny baby nephew. He is 2 weeks old today and just barely 5.5 lbs. the mitts you get at Target or Walmart in the baby section are way to big and won’t stay on his hands and unless he has a long sleeve shirt on, he scratches himself.Soooo, I went to the knittingpatterncentral site and found a couple patterns. I went with these

on mine i just did a crochet chain of 45 stitches and wove it through the eyelets for tying rather than the ribbon. And I used some white Reynolds alpaca 4 ply. but any soft baby yarn would work. they turned out soooooo cute!!! and took me just a couple hours!
Good luck
I bet any of the mitten patterns would work, but honetsly, if you just added a few extra stockinette rows to lengthen them for a less tiny baby, they would stay on better than the jersey material ones from the store. kinda like a little baby sock for their hannies rather than actually using a sock

How about a few baby size wash cloths :slight_smile:

BinkyKat–I love the mitten idea! That’s perfect. Thanks so much. :smiley:

Debbie–I like the washcloth idea as well. I might make both. Thanks so much. :smiley:

You could also take washcloths and do an icord around the top and add longer tails on both ends and make bibs, how easy would that be.

For a gril, litlte headbands in all colors for matching outfits,

Little boy how about a little velcro closed in back bow tie

felt a nice diaper bag, choose a purse and make it bigger, add pockets

the kitty pie bed in an oval shape would make a cute baby napping on the floor bed, ok maybe not

how about a baby wrap for after bath, looks like a small afghan with a hood for the head in the corner

How about a teddy bear, with a pretty matching color coordinated ribbon

how about a set of matching hats for mom, dad and baby, the new family set

make a cd of soft lullabye songs and knit a envelope to put it in

you can take yard of fleece and simply edge it in a nice lacy finish or do a cool nicky epstein style edging and personalize it, now this i think wouldbe crocheted but I wonder about how to knit an edge on a blanket, gonna have to investigate that.

take baby socks, if you dont knit them and edge those as well with fancy finishes.

knit a pillow for the baby room in the colors used.

knit baby balls for toys, soft and colorful in a range of sizes

Definitely throw in a small gift card with your knitted gift. With my three kids, it was always my favorite thing to get…then I could buy exactly what I needed!!!

P.S. You could always make a little something for MOM! Mom often gets left out at the shower :roflhard: , and she’s doing all the work, LOL.

Wow, so many wonderful ideas. I wish that I had the time to knit some of them. If only the shower wasn’t for two pregnant ladies, I might have the time to knit some of those things for one expecting mother. I like the idea of throwing in a gift card with them though. I knew I wanted to get something else besides my knitted gift, but I didn’t know what. A gift card to the place they registered is perfect. :thumbsup:

Lucy, so glad that I could be of some help to you!!! Send along our congrats to the Moms to be! :heart:

I watched DIY (knitty Gritty) and they made a baby shrug using a rectangle.

create rectangle, fold in half length wise `-----)00000(---------
SEW neck SEW

The sewn left and right of neck form the sleeves
You can create a smaller rectangle and attach at center neck for a collar.

If your looking for something different and hip–this would wrok.