Looking for a previous discussion

We’ve had many, many talks here about continental versus English knitting. In at least one of those threads, someone mentioned that they knit English but they do not throw. They even posted a video showing the method. They used a term to describe the technique. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly what term was used, so when I search on the site to find this previous conversation, my results are not very good.

I taught myself to knit English, and people were always remarking on how “even” my stitches were. I then taught myself continental, and while I absolutely love the method (especially when doing ribbing), I’m very sloppy at it. I’ve done several projects already, and my gauge is still very, very loose and every once in a while I get a few weird-looking stitches. It’s almost as if my tension is extremely loose every now and again.

So, if anyone knows what I’m talking about, I’m thinking I might try this method of knitting English without the throwing because apparently my right hand tensions the yarn much better than my left, even after much practice with the Continental method.

Just wanted to add that the reason I switched from English is because I’m one of those throwers whose hand leaves the needle completely to throw the yarn. I have bursitis/tendinitis in my shoulder, so I prefer to minimize the shoulder movements. Also, Continental ribbing is so much better than English ribbing! :wink:

I am not sure which thread you are referring to, but you might try using the search function. (The search link is on the right side of the screen, just under where it says [B]Welcome, Ronda[/B])

Hey! I am wondering if you mean the discussion about Irish Cottage Style knitting like the Yarn Harlot does? She knits English but holds her hands in such a way that she only has to “flick” the yarn around the needle with her middle finger. There is a video of her doing it out there, but I can’t think of where it was right now. If you go Here you can download the video of her doing it. Or you can try searching here for the thread called Irish Cottage style.

Good luck! I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll check out that link. That might be it.

Yes, I did use the search function, but my results were too large. This video might just be it, though! :wink: