Looking for a place to stay anywhere? I just found this new site: airbnb

This is very cool. I am renting my apartment in NY for the first time through this new site I found this week. It’s an incredible idea. I guess there are some other ones but more business like and stuffy. This one is really fun to look at and apparently there are a lot of neat people doing it. Take a look. It’s really neat esp if you need some money. You can even just rent out a bedroom.

Oh, I also got them to create a Group just for knitters (and it’s on Facebook too). My idea!!! that they liked. :cheering: I said I would feel a lot better with a knitter staying in my place than anyone else which is true.

OooooOoh!This is way cheaper than an inn!

I’ve been trying to find a cheap alternative to staying at a motel or a relatives house.The only person I could think of to stay with is extremely religious.I doubt she would even hear of allowing a couple that lives together and is not married sleep in the same room D: It would be damn nice to have a stove too.The worst part of vacations is takeout for breakfast lunch and dinner.Yuck!

Oh man…the last Inn I stayed at had a woman who absolutely did not understand that we did not want maid service(even though it was on call only).She would wake us up every day at 7 am asking to clean the room -_-"


That does look great! Please let us know how it goes with your apt after you do it.

pm’d ya

Will do Jan. Fingers crossed of course.