Looking for a pattern

I am looking for a little boy’s crew neck sweater pattern, Size 4.
This boy is almost 3yrs old.
I have looked on the internet and also in Joann’s Fabric store. Seems all I can find are baby sweaters and teens and adult.
So if anyone has a pattern or can tell me where I can get one I would really appreciate it.
Connie :knitting:

Have you checked out www.knittingpatterncentral.com or www.ravelry.com ? You have to join Ravelry, but it’s free and you can do a detailed search.

Thank You Ingrid, I will try these and see what I can find.

Don’t forget to check your local library too!! I just got a couple of books from there with sweater patterns for that size!! Here are some you could look at:

Big Fish, Little Fish - by Jil Eaton
Minnowknits too - More Uncommon Knits - by Jil Eaton
Easy Knits for Kids - by Vogue Knitting
Nifty Knits for Kids - by Catherine Ham
Bright Knits for Kids - by Debbie Bliss

All these are at my local library! Happy searching!!

Ok, Thank You for the suggestion. I did find one on Ravelry that I might use, and looking for more selections to make up my mind.

I have a book that I bought at a Half Price Book Store for $7called "Knits for Children and Their Teddies that has many different sweaters in it. Most of them can be either for a boy or a girl, though there are a couple that are definitely girl patterns.
The author is Fiona McTague. You may be able to find it at either Barnes and Noble online or Amazon.
Good Luck!