Looking for a pattern

Hi Everyone,
I’m new here having just taken up knitting after a long time away and I have a question.
I used to knit hats all the time. I had the most simplest pattern for it. It didn’t require round needles or double-pointers. I just knit it starting with only a few stitches on my needle and increasing until I had it the size I wanted and then I decreased til the bottom of the hat fit my head… then I just sewed the thing together and added a pompom to the top.
I’ve been searching around for the really easy hat and can’t seem to find it.
Can anyone help me with this?
To Knit or Not to Knit - That is the question!

Something like this?
Simple Hat with ribbed edge

I don’t see any that start with a few stitches and increase, but here is another pattern for a two needle hat.


All the 2 needle hats I could find start at the bottom and work up.

But really, any circular hat can easily be switched to flat, just work each ‘round’ as a ‘row,’ then turn and the next ‘round’ is the next ‘row’. Depending on what pattern stitch the hat is, you would have to reverse the wrong side row stiches (if the circular pattern tells you to knit the next round, you’d have to purl the next row). You might want to add a stitch or 2 for the seam.

Thanks for the imput.
I haven’t mentioned but I have a bit of a memory problem so sometimes I forget stuff… like in this case…
I said I was looking for a pattern that started out with few stitches cast on… etc.
Well, I guess I blew it… LOL! :aww: [/COLOR]
I kind of remember now… it did start out with lots of stitches and work it’s way down to a few and then got sewed up…
Am I bad… and just a little embarassed.
Thank goodness you, guys, figured it out for me.
I’m going to give the Simple Hat with Ribbed Edge a try… Thank you so much, Zkimom…
Marilyn you were also on the right track…
So sorry for misleading anyone…
I’m a bit at sea these days… LOL!