Looking for a pattern

hi folks, im looking for some knitting patterns
anything that relates or has to do with the Marine Corp/USMC would be greatly appreciated. I already have seen the USMC Emblem Dishcloth and spotted a crochet blanket pattern but nothing else.

If any of you have/find any please send em my way!


just wondering, if anyone had found any yet…

I have looked and not found anything, but… are you looking to make something to send to someone in the service? Like a helmet liner or socks or something? Or something with the logo? Not finding anything with the logo on it. You could just use USMC colors on something or chart your own pattern.

i’ve found helmet liners etc. but i wasn’t intending on making soldier used items, more like memorabelia (socks, blankets)

im in the process of charting the logo.