Looking for a pattern

I just finished my latest scarf and have been feeling like I’m ready to move onto a new and more challenging project.

Just yesterday I was watching the David Mamet film, “State and Main” (for the umpteenth time) when I spied Sarah Jessica Parker in this hot number:


I said to myself, “Self. That is the swanky spring sweater you need to start working on. Pronto.” My self agreed (of course), and though I’ve looked high and lo for something approximating this fantabo hoodie card, I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

Have you seen something like this? If not, can I call upon the knitting gawds/gawdesses here to help me figure out how to make it?

Up close (okay, well, on my 42" plasma) it looks like all garter stitch… if that helps.


The cardigan looks to me like it could be reverse stocking stitch, and just a basic cardigan with hood, knitted with no borders or rib edge, which would make it have curling edges like that.
Can’t find one exactly like it, but something like one here,
(Neckdown Long Hooded Cardigan) but without any rib edges and shorter,
or this one with an added hood, and probably in an overly too large size.

Ooh. I’ll check out the second one. I kept coming across the long cardigan when I was Google-traveling for this, but it looks way too much like 3 JCrew sweaters I have in my closet already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Jints!