Looking for a pattern

Ok, I’m officially as blond as my sister (despite us having very different hair colors) I saw a pair of fingerless gloves that looked kinda like the pomatomus socks, the one with the fish scale pattern on knitty, and silly me forgot to bookmark them. I think I found them when I clicked on a link in the “What’s cha knitting?” forum to see somebodie’s work. I’ve been going through the forum yet can’t find them. Has anyone seen this pattern? Any clues on where to find them would be appriciated


Thank you:cheering:
Actually these aren’t the ones I saw, the ones I saw was dark blue, but these looks just the same!! Thank you, I’m totatally in love with that pattern, actually I’m planning on making it in to a shawl at a later occasion…

OOh thanks from me too they are really nice!