Looking for a Pattern

[B]I want to make a scarf for my son and one ofr husband. It’s like this…

Michael has a long overcoat tha is black. It’s cashmere & wool. He wears to work in the winter. The Cincinnati are VERYYYY WINDY and cold in the winter. But he needs a PLAIN stitch scarf. Nothing fancy about it or he won’t wear it. My usband is the same way. Nothing fancy, just plain straight stitch. BUt what stitch is plain???


He probably means stockinette - meaning one row knit, one row purl and so on. However, if you knit this way the edges will curl so you could do stockinette and make a border of knit stitches only (garter) on every row either end which will prevent the curl or indeed do the whole scarf in garter.

Several plain scarf options could be -
Stocking St Knit in the round as tube shape would be the plainest, Non curling and no edge sts needed.
2x2 Ribbing. or 1x1 ribbing are very plain and classic.
or garter stitch knit longways, also smart and plain.

[B]Thanks to both of you ladies. :slight_smile: I’m thinking the smaller the needles I use, the better it will look.


I second the small-needle ribbing. Very classic and very warm…

I knit for men all the time, and this is the scarf they usually like the most: