Looking for a pattern to get excited about

I have been knitting like crazy but it’s been a long time since I have found a pattern that I am excited about,you know what I mean?

I’m knitting an Adamas Shawl right now, and it’s really fun. I can hardly work on it because of my 2 year old-only when she’s in bed. My MIL took my kids on a 4-day trip and I worked on it a lot then. It’s really pretty, and the pattern stays interesting. I want to do another one in fingering weight someday. That’d be cool. :slight_smile:

Try joining Ravelry and looking at what other people are making, I find that my list of things I want to make grows rapidly everytime I go and look at what others have made. My problem is matching what I want to make with what I have in my stash. Guess I need more yarn.

Try going to knitting pattern central and look through the categories to find something you like.

I have the opposite problem…I have too many projects I want to get into. The new interweave has a pea coat pattern I want to try…I have a few hats on Ravelry I want to try (DF wants a new winter hat) There is a illusion baby blanket I want into…and a spiderman one…

A shawl and a whole book (Naughty Needles) wow…I don’t think I will ever get though the pile!

Thanks for the ideas I think it is just my mood,I have been stashbusting all summer and I think it is getting time for new yarn!!

I WISH I had your problem.

Currently my [B]ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HAVE TO DO THEM[/B] list includes
Arwen Cardigan by Kate Gilbert
Celtic Icon Hooded Cardigan by fiona Ellis
February Ladies Sweater
Cable Edged BABY Bib
Zipped up Arn Tunic by Dawn Brocco
Sweatshirt Jacket by Dawn Brocco
The Kids Connection “A Magic Garden Story” Baby sweater and hat (Artlady did one a few months ago)
Fjord Medallian Rib Vest

and baby clothes baby clothes baby clothes…

:passedout: :passedout: :passedout: :passedout: :passedout:

I’m excited to start working on some Alan Dart patterns!
I bought the ‘Irrestible Gifts to Knit’ book!

Can’t wait til it gets here!! :woot: cloud9 :woot:

GinnyG, you are evil and must be destroyed! :wink: I had to go
check a few of the patterns you listed on your to-do list and
suddenly my to-do list has once again expanded sigh Will I
never learn to just let it go…haha

Libbie :slight_smile: