Looking for a pattern similar to this sweater/jumper

I’ve seen a jumper in an advert that I would love to try knit. Anyone have a pettern that might make something similar??

I’m very new to this group and have no idea why a picture of my fabric softener bottles uploaded too!! :joy: apologies.

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Welcome to the forum!
That’s certainly going to be a difficult one to find! You can use the pencil icon in the bottom right of your post (click the 3 dots first to expand) to delete the fabric softener photo. Maybe then you can post a photo of the sweater. We’ll all try to help out.

I think I removed the bottles. Hopefully you can see the pic of the sweater. :crossed_fingers:

It may be brioche like these:

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Omg! This site is amazing! Thank you so much for these suggestions. Now I’m stuck working out which one to use!

Next question, what wool do you think would achieve that specked look in my reference picture?

Thanks so much. :blush:

Most of the yarn sources make speckled yarn, Lion Brand, Miss Babs and Knit Picks to name a few.

I would look at which yarns are suggested in the patterns you are considering and then see what colours and styles are available in the right type of yarn for the pattern.
If you don’t find what you want in those then maybe consider a yarn converter or working out what can be substituted. But it’s easier to look first at suggested yarns I think.