Looking for a pattern, Ravelry? Summer sweater with twist in the back

Is it possible that anyone remembers seeing a pattern that might have been Ravelry? The photo of the sweater was knitted in a multi yarn that was mostly red. I believe it might have had cap sleeves; I really can’t remember what the sleeves were like but it had a twist in the back and strangely, I kind of remember that the sweater could be worn with the twist in the front or the back (that seems very odd tho now). I intended to make it for my daughter; I thought I saved it but I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone recalls that pattern and can direct me to it (or a similar one) I would be so grateful!! Thanks.

By twist, do you mean something similar to this (which can be worn twist on front or back)?

You might also try posting in this Ravelry forum:

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Thank you so much!! That is not the sweater but yes, it was similar. The one I remember might have been sleeveless or cap sleeves and I think it was an easier pattern but I think this might work; hopefullyI I can adapt it. Thank you!