Looking for a pattern for this scarf

My friend asked me to knit her a cabled infinity scarf. I’m not really sure which kind she wants, I asked her for more details. I came across this one which I adore but have no pattern for it. Do you have one for something like this http://www.etsy.com/listing/89409112/cable-knit-infinity-scarf-olive-green ?

Or if you have any patterns for a cabled inifinity scarf I’d love for you to post it for me. Thanks xo

You can find similar cable patterns, put a few stitches in plain ribbing on each side of it, then knit to the length you want and join the ends together.

This looks like the same one in a different color or at least similar. It looks to me like slip stitched edges, garter stitch and then the cable. If you want more a border do a couple rows of rib like Sue suggested and/or some other stitch.


ETA- okay, that one above is different. It’s similar except the borders though. Honestly I’d tell the woman that the pattern isn’t for sale so you can’t do it exactly like that. You can come close though.

BTW, the price on those is crazy. Way too high for what it looks like to me.

I did a Ravelry search for free cowls with cables. Some are not the same type of cable, and there’s about 800 more patterns that are paid, so you can unclick the ‘free’ box at the left to find more. If you can’t find a similar stitch, here’s search results for ‘stitch pattern’ and cables so you might find something there.

Oh, and doing another free cowl searchfor ‘infinity’ brought up a pattern that looks similar, though it’s more braided. If you unclicked free on the infinity search you’ll get a couple pages to look at.

How do I know the pattern though? Like for the cable? Since I’ve only done one thing with cables I would need it written out how to do row by row

If I did do it in a circle it wouldn’t come out the same correct? Because I know when u knit in circulars and if u do garter stitch or two rounds u end up with stockinet stich

I think you have to knit cables flat.

ETA I think what you would do is start with a provisional cast on, work to the length you want, put the live stitches at the beginning on a needle and then Kitchener stitch them together for a seamless joining of the ends.

These aren’t knit in the round. You’d use a provisional CO at one end, knit the length, then graft the ends together.

You can still do cables in the round, you can purl between the cable stitches, but they’d run from the bottom edge to the neck edge, not the long way. You’d have maybe 20 cable repeats side by side instead of one or two.

Garter stitch is a stitch pattern you get when you knit or purl all rows knitting flat; you can get garter stitch in the round by alternating a knit a purl row. But cables can be done in the round, you just knit the cable stitches and purl the stitches in between them.

So apparently I was way off in thinking what she wanted. She sent me these two photos of styles she likes. Anyone have a pattern like this?

Her choices (or is it just two views of one scarf?) are lovely. However, it’s difficult to see the pattern from the photos.

Perhaps you could ask her to help you by picking out what kinds of cables she wants in the scarf. Maybe she could search for free cable patterns on Ravelry and narrow it down to one or two. Based on that information, maybe she could then tell you how she wants these cables to be arranged: one cable down the middle, two cables along the sides and something like seed stitch in between, etc., etc.

From there you would combine all your cable and filler patterns into one pattern (making sure the width is okay), do a provisional CO (as suggested by others), and begin knitting.