Looking for a pattern for cast iron pot holders

I use mostly cast iron when cooking and would love to find a pattern to make that I could just slip over the handle of the pan so I could pick it up.

I’ve looked through google and found one, but it’d pretty confusing to me being that I’m still a newbie. :??

Does anyone have an easy pattern for something like this?

what about making up your own pattern? say, a large rectangle using a nice feltable wool, then felting it down to size.

I don’t know how to make up my own thing… total noob here. So, you’re saying just make a rectangle and sew it up? :shrug: What do you mean by ‘felt it down to size’?

Try this link freeknittingpatterns.blogspot.com
You will have to scroll waaaay down (waaaay down) but there is a category for kitchen patterns and it lists a pan handle cover. Also, google knitted pan handle cover patterns and you might find some other link. Good luck!