Looking for a pattern for a flower

but not a felted flower. I found one on the net a while back but now I can’t seem to find it. A flower to use as an embellishment or something of that nature. The one I found (it is hard to explain) was almost “lace like” with “holes” in it. Thanks

Here’s some flower patterns that are not felted…don’t know if they are lacy enough.

Knitted flower from Head Huggers.

Flower for Frogpond Infant Hat.

Flower for Folly

Pansy Pattern

Knitted Flower Pattern

I also recommend that Nicky Epstein books (Knitting On the Edge, Knitting Over the Edge, and Knitting Beyond the Edge). Also, for chunkier flowers, Lion Brand website has some patterns for flowers. You don’t have to felt any of them (unless you look at Nicky Epstein’s newest book about felting).


There are tons of patterns at KPC. They even have a flower section, many of which are not felted.