Looking for a pat to make a "jean apron"

Hi all…I found some old jeans (very large) and want to sew an apron using “some of them”…I have googled, yahoo’d, you tubed, etc etc looking for patterns…I want to make a “bib” type apron (not tie around the waist)…Anyone have a pattern or web site??? Thanks alot

Found one!

She added some decoration to a half-apron here: http://mybyrdhouse.blogspot.com/2008/04/jeans-half-apron-tutorial.html

Yea, I saw that one too!!! but I would like to incorporated (somehow) the pockets (from the backside) to the front…got any ideas!!! Thanks again:muah:

I think the problem with incorporating the pockets is that the pockets are at the widest part of the jeans/legs - but they’re also the top of the jeans. You either end up with a wide top to your bib apron (and pockets up around your chest), or upside-down pockets (which sort of defeats the purpose of pockets). You could, I suppose, take the back of your jeans and make a wide pocket you stitch to the front of your apron, so you’d have a wide pocket, and then smaller pockets on it. The challenge there could be the number of layers of denim you’d have to work through if you want nice finished edges on your big pocket. But if you go for the frayed-denim look, that limits the number of layers.

Cheley, do you know if your machine will handle three layers of denim or more? Mine will, and I’ve taken the pockets off and sewn them on aprons, etc.

I don’t have a pattern but I have seen these aprons at the farmers market. I think most of them used the backside of the jeans (with pockets attached) as the lower part of the apron that tied around your waist and then used another fabric as the bib part and for a ruffle around the bottom part. The farmers market is an hour away from me otherwise I would go take a picture for you.

Good Luck and happy sewing.