Looking for a particular hat pattern


I am going nutty looking for a hat pattern I copied out of a Patons book about 6 - 7 years ago. The hat was so easy to make that I would make at least 2 a night. If memory is correct I used Bulky yarn and Size 17 or 19 straight needles. When done you sewed up the back & you were done. Does any one recall such a pattern or have a similar pattern? I asked the people at Patons and they brushed me off. I know I am not crazy beacuse I still have the hats to prove it. Can someone please help me

I’m not sure which hat you are looking for, but here’s a few bulky two needle hats.

Most hats are done in the round so the two needle ones are harder to find.

Thanks Jan from CA the patterns you sent will be great fun & I can’t wait to try them. I should have mentioned that the hat I used to make was in Stockingnet. I guess I will keep looking for it but I will enjoy making the others!!!

The second link is in stockinette with a cable, but you can leave the cable out if you want.