Looking for a new stitch to do, how do i do the little bobble things?

I’ve been looking on a stitch dictionnary (http://www.knittingfool.com/pages/thumbs.guest.cfm?Sort=None&Gallery=None&StartRow=331&PageNum=7 ) and I don’t know which stitch to do but I’ve always wanted to do the little bobble things (often on hats I think), I tried looking on here but I can’t find anything.
Or else I was going to try seed stitch, but is that just like moss stitch? Like row 1 p1-K1 then row 2 K1-p1?
If anybody has some easy suggestions that’d be great, so far I only know how to do stockinette, rib and fishman’s stitches.
Thank you

There are some directions here;

It’s so easy it’s one of my all time favorites.

Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches.

1st Row:

2nd Row:
[K,P,K in the first stitch, then K 3 together.] Repeat across the row.

3rd Row:

4th Row:
[K 3 tog, K,P,K in the next stitch.] Continue across the row.

That’s it. By staggereing the KPKs and K3togs, it zigzags the bobbles. The purl row gives it a little space. BTW, this is definitely a 1-sided pattern, flat on the bottom.

I also have a much fancier stitch pattern that creates serious bumps that almost look like ball fringe. It’s from a really old book. Is it okay to post these? Can stitches be copyrighted? (The bobble stitch came from the same book, but it’s so easy, I don’t think it could be proprietary.)

I was just trying that out now, and suddenly came into a problem: knit into the first stitch? What’s that? DO i yarn over the first stitch? Sorry, apart from that thanks (and I don’t think taking the other pattern from the book would be illegal but i don’t actually need a more complicated stitch, this is if you were going to do it for me :slight_smile: )

You mean the K,P,K in the first stitch? Knit into the first st as usual, but leave it on the needle. Then purl into the back leg, and knit into the front of it again. It’s a bit like kfb - knit front and back - only you purl on the 2nd st and knit a 3rd st out of it.

LOL! I had the names wrong anyway. This one is the “bramble” stitch. The more complicated one is the “bobble” stitch.
The pattern makes more sense if you look at the logic. First you’re turning 1 stitch into 3 by the “K,P,K” or knit in “front, back, front” in the same stitch. Then you turn 3 stitches into 1 with the “K3tog.” The result is that you keep the same number of stitches per row. After the purl row, you reverse the pattern. The end result is alternating “bumps.”

Ahhh, I didn’t think it was a bobble. Usually you inc a bunch in one stitch, then turn it and knit/purl all the sts, then turn again and decrease all once before you go on to the next stitch or stitches.

Yup. The link Jan posted has the real bobble stitch instructions (scroll down a little) but it’s much more work than the bramble stitch–also much more elegant. Life is full of trade-offs. <sigh>