Looking for a needle in a haystack

I was at a yarn shop last weekend on my way down to my inlaws house and saw the most gorgeous kids sweater. I passed it up because my neices mother is a snooty sort and thought that she wouldnt allow something like that on her…

I get down to my inlaws and requested her desires for her girls’ xmas gifts and guess what…

“You know, can you knit a sweater?? Cuz I really don’t have many wintery clothes for either of my girls and a sweater would be great.”

WHAT?!?!?! :oo: :noway: :shrug:

OK NOW im lookin for that pattern. I returned to the yarn store and spent an enormous amount of time looking for THAT sweater again BUT…i didnt look at the name of the sweater or the remember the name of the book much less what the cover of the book looked like.:doh: So im reaching out to yall for help…
Heres what i remember…

The sweater was brown…the collar had a cable from one side to the other. I know it was open…couldnt see much of the front so i couldnt tell if it was a button down or a zipper or what. Was not a pullover. The model was a blonde girl about 10ish, long hair. and the background view was grassy and trees and very open pretty scene. Felt like a fall scene.

if yall could look through your books and see if you could find this it would be awsome. If I dont find it i dont know what imma do…guess find another one. ive been doin searches and all i can find really is plain looking ones. just garter stitch or stockenette. i want a fancy one. any suggestions for other patterns would be great too. i need a childs 6x or 7.


Was it a hardback book? A book with lots of designs? do you remember anything about the other designs? Were they all for children, babies, etc?

no it was a mixture of chidren and adults designs. Yes lots of them. cant remember about whether it was hardback or paperback.


If you don’t find it, how far is it to that store? (I’m of the “any excuse for a road trip” sort.) :happydance: :happydance: