Looking for a man's beret pattern

I’ve been searching through books and online for a man’s beret pattern without any success. I have a pattern (woman’s) that I really like. It’s with circular needles then dpns. (It’s the Old Western One Skein Beret pattern). Can I use the same pattern and just adjust stitches needed by the difference in his head size vs. mine? :knitting: :knitting:
Or does anyone have a good pattern?

What online sites have you checked and discounted? This beret, minus the pompom and done in a dark wool, seems very traditional looking


(On an old epi of ‘I Love Lucy’ Ricky wore a black one similar to this when he thought he was losing his hair.)

You certainly could alter an existing pattern that you like. Even working it with heavier yarn on larger ndls would net you larger sz if you don’t want to recalc.


I’m knitting Hubby a beret right now… my own pattern: Used 6 dpns, size 3 to start. Started in center with 1 stitch, increased to 5 sts, then to 10 sts - 2 sts per needle. Another increase, one per needle. Then I placed a marker in the center of each needle - and after I knit to the marker, I increase 1 stitch in the next stitch, every round. So it’s 5 increases every round.

But now I don’t need to keep count. Just remember to increase after every marker. When the knitting gets wide enough, I switched to a circular needle of the same size [much easier to handle!] and kept on going.

When I got to the edge, I did 1 round of k1, sl1. Then the following round I did sl1, k1 [in otherwords, knit the sl sts, sl the k sts.] After that, it was decrease 1 st at every marker until it’s the right size to fit his punkin’ haid. Then I’ll knit a few rounds straight and bind off.