Looking for a ladybug pattern, perhaps for felting

I would love to make something with a ladybug, has anyone ever seen or tried a pattern?

Fiber trends has a felted hedgehog… If there isn’t a ladybug version (there might be) I’m sure you can adapt the pattern easily.

There’s THIS too, if you were looking for wearables…

I keep finding more stuff!!!

needle felted lady bug with directions

in the morehouse knits book there are ladybug mittens.

here’s a ladybug bag

needlebeetle.com. though I bought a pattern from there and was very disappointed… but this one looks better.

oops - yeah, you could knit it bigger and then shrink it.

Thanks all! Those were all great!

I just found this Ladybug toy or pajama bag I wish there were a pic of the pajama bag, I can’t picture it in my mind.

Here’s the toy:

How cute is that?!? :heart:

Only I would like to try instead of pompoms for the ladybug’s spots, to make lumps as in the Chenille Sweatshirt I’m making.