Looking for a knitter in the Abby/Mission area,


I am looking for someone to knit me a pair of wool capries, and longies, and maybe a pair of shorties, I have the wool already I ordered some online, inhopes of learninig but cannont get past the second row, so I digress,
I want someone else to do this for me instead
thanks so much mommas,

I am also new to this forum , and hope to learn something hear, while I try my hand out on cheaper materials, :woot:


Where’s the Abby/Mission area - what city, what country? There are knitters here from all over the world.

Learning to knit goes better when you don’t have your heart set on something specific for your first project. Get some other inexpensive yarn and just cast on about 20 sts and practice the knit st and purl stitch shown in the videos here. Learn how to combine them - knit a row of knits, then a row of purls, and alternate them; or knit 2 sts, then purl 2 sts, that makes ribbing. Practice increases and decreases. You can do this all on the same 20 sts, if you make a mistake, keep going - ripping out over and over again is frustrating, you can learn to fix mistakes or how now to make them by asking here. Do this all on the same piece and you’ll have a sampler to hang on the wall and will be able to see your progress. It really won’t take too long, maybe a couple of weeks. Then you’ll probably be ready to make the actual items you want to.