Looking for a knit stitch pattern

I know I have seen one somewhere, but no telling how long ago or where it was. I am looking for a knit stitch pattern that looks like this description…I guess the best way to describe the look I’m looking for is this…

There is no space between the rows…each U touches the row above, and every other row is off center from the one above it

Please, does anyone know where I can find a stitch like this…it can be a raised U shape, or maybe even a slip stitch pattern where the U can be one color and another color used behind it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. ~Tricia

If you had a picture that might help us figure it out easier. If you turn knitting upside down, the sts look like Us, but I guess that’s not what you mean.

No, when you knit this stitch pattern, I guess you would say it looked like scales(?)…I have seen diamond shapes made this way, but I would like a design that is rounded on the bottom instead.

I am trying to get another pattern designed, but am having a problem with making the stitch design I want for it. I have even looked in the 5 or 6 stitch pattern books and so far haven’t come across the one I want. I was hoping someone else would have seen something like this.

Sort of a fishscale effect? Hmmm, will think about it…

Is this similar? http://www.irishlace.net/knitting/lacy-dragon-small-scale-washcloth.html It’s not offset but might be a starting point in narrowing things down a bit?

The Knitting Fool shows this pattern.


Or possibly you’re simply describing the “right” side of stockinette stitch? The right, or front side of stockinette is often described as looking like V’s. I know you said U, but they are similar. If this isn’t it we need more info.

I’ve seen those…they won’t work. I guess the closest I’m going to get is this pattern


the picture shows how it looks when you knit it, but when my project is turned over it will look the way I want it. It will have to do unless I come across something else. Thank you so much for your help.