Looking for a "hunter's hat" pattern

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Does anyone have any idea where I can find a warm [B]hat[/B] pattern that would be perfect[B] for a deer hunter?

Like these?
or lots of hats here

Hi’ya Jints!! :waving:

Found EXACTLY what I need! :cheering: Thanks soooo much!
(fyi: The Balaclava WWI Helmet)

[B]Art Lady,

My husband and Brother in law are both Deer Hunters. I knit hats for them. I like to use a small ribbibng on them. Which hat did you pick ou?



Hi’ya Susan! :waving: The Balacalva Helmet, a stocking hat designed for WWI infantrymen! I showed the photo to DH tonight, and he liked it.
Click HERE to migrate over to the free pattern.

By the way, the pattern said use DPN’s…which I avoid at all costs…but I had a 16" circ that is working just
fine on the 96 st cast-on. Will have to transfer to dpn’s eventually as the hat tapers up to the crown.
Or maybe I will use two circs.

I am using KnitPicks DK Merino in ORANGE…and with US7 needles I got the right gauge which is 20st=4". The stitches don’t look loose or sloppy either. I lucked out. You run that risk when you wanna make a dk weight perform a worsted weight job.

Artlady - my husband is an avid hunter and (ocean) fisherman, after looking at some patterns, he’s really wanting Blue Hills from Knitty. It’s a basic beanie but comes down low over the ears and back of the neck. Just another idea.


Hi Lisa! :waving: Where is the hat pattern on Knitty? I could not locate it!

I ordered a book (Hip Knit Hats) from Amazon.com the other day…and it has a hat in it like you described. Is the Knitty a free pattern?

I saw this hat you described on Ravelry. Is this the type of hat you called the Blue Hills Hat? I saved this photo off Ravelry pattern search. It just shows the hats but the source is the Hip Knits Hats…which has to be purchased.


This is so great, I’ve been wondering what to knit for my Dh’s Christmas gift. He writes articles about WWI and the Civil War, and is a Civil War Re-enactor, so now I can make him the balaclava AND a pair of Civil War era socks. Thank you so much!

(I’m Armenian, every time I see the word ‘balaclava’, I think of baclava, the pastry. This is neither here nor there, but makes me want to buy some phyllo dough to bake some.:doh:

‘MadDeb’ You might find this interesting.
H[I]ow to Make Seventy Useful Articles for Men in the Army and Navy, 1918[/I], vintage pattern book scan, mostly knitting, but some sewing & crochet.
(11 mb download.)

Hi’ya Jints!! :waving: Thanks sooo much! I printed the pattern, and will cast on for it tonight! I am almost done with the Balaclava Helmet. DH will wear it with his full length army parka. The Balacalva can be worn under any hat or hood as extra warmth.

This Blue Hills Hat will perfectly complement his hunter attire. I am knitting the Balacalva in orange (KnitPicks 100% merino)…and will be able to use the same yarn for Blue Hills but knit double strand.

Will post photos later. Maybe I can coax DH to model for the photos. :shrug:

Thanks again!! :waving:

PS: anyone who knits the Balaclava Helmet: as long as you know that you have the right gauge (20 st=4") using a certain yarn and needle size, don’t worry about the fact that the hat looks very small…or seems TOO SMALL. When I got beyond the neck and face opening…before proceeding any further with the work…I took it off the needles and put it on a 40" OPTIONS cable with end caps…and tried the thing on my DH. He wears a man’s 7 3/4 cowboy hat. The Balaclava fit him fine ‘n’ dandy. It would also have fit a man with a smaller head as well. The 2x2 ribbing allows for multiple size heads.

Jints, thank you so much, my husband will be fascinated by all the different patterns, as I am.

Appreciate you taking the time to post it.

Here is another helmet/hat pattern. Hope no one else posted it as I didn’t go back and read through your posts. I just cracked up laughing at the dog photo…very cute!


That is a good pattern. I already have that one. Right now I have one on the needles that is a pure and simple K 1, P 1 cable for 8 " then you start to cecraese slowly. The whole thing is K1, P1 though.


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Thank you KH sisters! I finished TWO Hunter’s Hats…and posted them in Whatcha Knitting! Here is a sneak preview!
I posted more views and ways of wearing them in the Whatcha Knitting post! Also, the pattern links and yarn used. CLICK HERE