Looking for a hat pattern


I’ve been questing about for a pattern for a particular hat for a while. My only real experience with knitting has been with some scarves I’ve made in the past, so the world of hats is a bit of a mystery to me. Overall, the shape seems simple enough, and the striped bit on the lower part of the hat doesn’t seem it would be too hard to do, but I’m lost when it comes to the more detailed bits at the top. Does it seem this hat would be sewn with a circular needle, and then perhaps double layered and closed at the top? I’ve been looking around this site and there seems to be plenty of valuable information, but I’m not quite sure where to start with this. ^^; Any help with the detailing or basic technique anyone could offer (web links work too!) would be really wonderful!

Personally I would knit the entire thing in the round (on a circular needle) then when I reached the end I would turn it inside out, transfer half the stitches to another circ, and do a three-needle bind-off (video here). Maybe leaving a few stitches live on each end to do the cord thingies, which look like i-cords to me (with tassels at the end, of course!). :smiley:

When you do the 3 needle bindoff, be sure to turn it inside out first or else you’ll have the a ridge on the outside. It won’t be smooth.

Magknits has a children’s hat that is the same shape. Check there for instructions, you can probably modify for size. I think the MagKnits one used a moss stitch pattern, but that can also be changed.