Looking for a good felted knitted mittens pattern

Brand new at knitting mittens, I just made a small sample last night, but I’m really lookin for a good (as in easy to follow with good results, LOL, not asking for much, am I? But I’m looking for a pattern for felted mitts, I look forward to your response and appreiate your help. Nadia

I used this one using Patons Merino and they turned out great

I have no idea if these are easy or good, but here’s a few.

There may be more here -

Thanks a lot I did look at this particular pattern and thought it complicated but will look at it again. You’re from Canada? So am I, saskatchewan, take care. Nadia

Hereis a pattern that you can buy…it’s from Fiber Trends and their patterns have always been really easy to work from :thumbsup:

Hereis a free pattern from Drops
Hereis another free one
Anotherfree one
Anotherfree one
Anotherfree one
Anotherone in pdf file
Onefrom Knitty


Thanks so much for those sites, I appreciate your help Nadia

Thanks so much!

Hi Nadia,
Here’s a link to my “go to” pattern. Fast, easy, and good results.

Here are 3 options: [=27&data[craft][k]=k&data[pattern]=felt"]patternlinks.com](http://www.patternlinks.com/search.php?id[39)