Looking for a gadget

i want to be able to wind my yarn onto something, then be able to knit or crochet without having to pull at the ball all the time, here in uk i usually rewind the yarn into a proper ball, usa yarn you can pull it from the middle, which is great , but i always get in a tangle towards the end, when it collapses onto itself, was thinking of making something out of lego, that rotates, i actually bought a few things at the hardware store yesterday, to try but it didnt work out , so any ideas,:happydance:


I always wind mine into a traditional ball, because of the issue you mentioned - I always end up with a big knot at the end when I pull from the middle. But, I was trying to think of something ou could make that would allow you to wind it on and rotate and I do have an idea…

What if you took a cheap toilet paper roll holder (the kind that mounts to the wall) and attach it to a board - then you could wind the yarn onto the spindle thing - or you could wind it onto an empty toilet paper tube. If you put them on the tube, then you could switch colors really easy, because I rarely use an entire ball of yarn at once…

Anyway, it might be a weird idea - I have been trying to potty train my 2 year old and we have had some experience spinning the toilet paper lately!! :slight_smile:

Good luck! You will have to post a picture of whatever you end up making, so we can all see it!!

I wind my yarn around a paper towel roll or a toilet tissue roll. I put the center pull down the tube then roll it around and pull it off into a cake instead of a ball. I haven’t tried this, but could you maybe leave the tissue roll in the yarn and still be able to pull the yarn up the tube? That would keep the cake from unraveling at the end. It would also make it easier to take your knitting along.

I wind my own center pull ball “cakes” so the yarn sits nicely next to me, but these ideas might work for you.

Maybe something like these?

Or a free standing paper towel holder…you could wrap the yarn on a tube and then knit it off… :think:

That second link Jan posted gave me an idea. How bout a paper towel holder. Like do what everyone is saying, wrap it around an empty paper towel tube, or even a toilet paper tube, put it on the paper towel holder, and knit from there. Good luck on finding a solution! :slight_smile:

i make center pull balls (using a winder nowdays, but for years i used a paper towel core)

when the ball gets small (and starts to collapse) i put it in [B]a yarn bra…[/B]

i have bought some “official” yarn bra’s–but just as good are:
[I]fine mesh bags[/I] (that 5 heads of garlic come in)
[I]Fine mesh tubes[/I] (that protect wine bottles (from the vintner)
[I]ankle length nylon hosiery( [/I]from the 99¢ store)
or other such items…

once you begin to look for something like these mesh tubes/bags… you find them all over
some are better than others!
japanese ‘pear’ also have these mesh packing material…(its a bit thick, but it works well too)

some yarns cakes/center pull balls hold there shape, no matter how few yards are left… others really need yarn bra’s.

now thats a good idea almost same as the toilet roll holder, will have to look into this, gosh you lot are good:woohoo:

I don’t remember where I read this, but somewhere I read how to make a nostepinne (sp.?) out of a chair leg. Places like Home Depot and Lowe’s carry unfinished table/chair legs. I haven’t tried this myself, but I remember thinking that I would like to make one when I have time. You can cut off the end, finish the wood, and you have a very nice and inexpensive nostepinne.