Looking for a free skirt pattern

I would like to knit my 2 daughter a skirt but can’t find any easy and free pattern for their sizes. Thought about making up my own but turned away because I got this vivid image of them trying to walk around in a skirt that did not have any leg room to walk, looked like they were waling around in saran wrap from the knee down,lol any way here are their sizes if I measured them correctly:
my 7 yr olds waist is about 30 ".

and my 11 years olds waist is about 38".
Will be knitting using worsted weight yarn because that is the only thing I have on hand right now. And I am in Texas so I need something to keep busy until the ice melts. Thanks for any and all help.

I found this pattern that I love. I am going to do a M for my 11 year ols. Do you think the kids these days will laugh at her wearing a skirt like this made by her mom ? Still looking for one for my 7 year ols. I perfer no hip hugger type skirts and they must go past the knees. Thanks in advance.