Looking for a fitted top down sweater knitted in the round

I’ve looked at a myriad of sweaters via Knitting Pattern Central, and cannot for the life of me locate a fittted sweater that is knit from the top down and in the round.

The sweater can be plain, I just want one that is not boxy through the body and sleeves–you know, more hour glass shaped. A pattern featuring ribbing, a turtle neck, or a pattern I must purchase is fine.


How about this one?

November Magknits

I’ve been wanting to try it myself.


Someone posted this one the other day, it’s top down, and definitely doesn’t look boxy to me. And of course you wouldn’t have to make it stripey.

Knit and Tonic Essential Stripe sweater

THANK YOU, BOTH for the links! :muah: :muah:

Those sweaters are so cute, and oh so me. :teehee:

I wonder how hard it is to knit a v-neck in the round? Off to ask in the help section. I might need a new bra that does not have sport in the name, cuz I LUV that cowl neck sweater, and [color=red]Sizzle[/color].

Sing with me: :note: :note: YEAH–Momma’s gonna make her a brand new dress [umm, sweater]! :note: :note:

I love that sweater, I was looking for something like that a while ago. Did you order it? Where does it come from?