Looking for a different stitch for a jumper

Hi there my fellow knitters I’m looking for some inspiration. I’m looking for patterns for babies to toddler size sweaters with a different stitch. I want to try something different from moss,stocking,rib or cable. so if there are any suggestions for patterns and links where I can buy them in the UK I would appreciate them. Thanks in advance

Lace patterns are interesting to do but often interspersed with stockinette as this one:

or a pattern like this that uses cables but not in the conventional way.

What about intarsia or stranded knitting? It’s usually stockinette but with the interest in the colorwork.

Thanks for those just finished a jumper with a truck on for my grandson I do a lot of colour work just wanted something different

Trucks are ever popular. I have this pattern in my favorites in addition to the above. Fisherman’s rib is fun to work although I find a lifeline a must.
Have you searched Ravelry? It has such a huge pattern library.