Looking for a cool afghan beginner pattern

My husband has been itching for an afghan blanket ever since I picked up knitting needles (a week ago - hence the “beginner” part of the subject).

So where should I start? What’s the best yarn to get? Size needles? How many skeins is good? Should I just do a stockinette stitch or something different? I want to finish the dang ribbed scarf I’m doing first (that I have queries for on the help forum) but when that’s done, I’ll work on the afghan and then go on to bigger, badder projects. Afghan seems doable for a beginner, right? :pray: God I hope it’s doable for a beginner - wouldn’t want the husband to freeze! :rofl:

I think of you started a stockinette stitch afghan, something else would freeze over before you finished. If you didn’t die of boredom first! :teehee:

An afghan made with different squares is a perfect opportunity to try out new stitches and end up with something fun and unique. A big advantage is that it’s so much more portable, too. Having a big afghan in your lap all through the summer would be uncomfortable to say the least.

Google stitch patterns or find a stitch pattern book for a look at what’s out there.

www.knittingpatterncentral.com is a good source as is www.ravelry.com

Lion Brand also has a collection of stitch patterns (which you’ll also see listed in Pattern Central). Additionally, you can look for pattern ideas in any project worked flat. Just be sure to look for patterns that give you a multiple of stitches (such as “a multiple of 8 + 2”). That way you can tailor the pattern dimensions to your size square.

Gracias! Going to JoAnn’s in Tulsa today to go crazy :woohoo: