Looking for a certain yarn

I make a lot of amigurumi dolls and sell them on etsy. My question is, what brand of acrylic yarn would you suggest I buy. It needs to have many color choices and be decently soft (not Red Heart super saver feel, if you know what I mean.)

I have seen several other sellers on etsy give a wide range of color options but I simply can’t do it without changing the brand of yarn, which changes the whole look of the finished product.That’s why I’d like to stick to just one brand with many colors. Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I have heard that Vanna’s Choice is VERY soft. There’s also Red Heart Soft yarn. I know you said you didn’t want Red Heart, but their “SOFT” yarn really is soft.

Check and see about the availability of these 2 near you.


Vanna’s Choice does have quite a few, but some are marled or tweedy looking.

Red Heart Soft IS soft -

Caron Simply Soft has quite a few as well-

If you don’t mind a little wool Plymouth Encore has a ton of colors!